The recording process forYAM YAM started back in October of 2017.
When we were looking for studios to record, we decided on Logan Summey of Rock Mill Studios in Mechanicsburg, PA. Tom and Tyler had previous recording experience there, with Tom's project The Bird Reserve and had full confidence in Logan and his studio to record the YAM YAM album.
The first song we recorded at his studio was Joop and after finishing up that recording in October of 2017, we decided on making a
full-length record there.
During the last week of January, we went back into the studio and recorded the final 11 songs to complete the structure of the album. We had guest vocalist Alex Long in the studio to lay down backing vocals on Bosco and Lawanda. Additionally, we got our friend, Tyler Dondero from Exmag, to lay down a synth solo for Bing Bong.
Over the next 10 months, we recorded overdubs in living rooms and basements to put the finishing touches on the songs and to subsequently finish the album.
In July, we started the filming for the Lawanda music video by
 film producer Josh Nesmith.
While Logan was mastering the record, Tom, with the help of Mike, collaged the album cover and Digipak using free-for-commercial-use (with modification)/public domain imagery. The main artwork from the album cover was from the 1950 October edition of Galaxy Science Fiction, drawn by David Stone.
In the first week of sales, YAM YAM debuted on Billboard at No. 17 under Jazz Albums.